Gnook - GNome bOOK's

Gnook is a GUI application to manage your personnal book's collection. Is is designed to run on the GNOME desktop environment, and it is basically distributed as a DEBIAN package. The name Gnook stands for GNome and bOOK, and it also sound like GNU ! It is a free software distributed under the GNU GPL v3. You can follow the project, participate, download sources or packages here.

This software looks like Alexandria, but is written with python and need a lot less dependencies on a `minimal` debian system. It is simplified and so may provide less features than Alexandria.


These are the main features of Gnook:


Here are the dependencies you will need to use the application:

Other packages can be used instead (python 2.7 or python-gtk3) with a few work - or it can work directly but I have not tested


Screenshot of the main window:

Screenshot of the add book dialog (in french):

Screenshot of the edit book dialog, on the detail tab:


No docmentation at this moment, I will make some and distribute it as soon as I can. You can at this moment download sources here.